Family Testimonials

"St. John’s has provided a loving and nurturing environment for my children. As each of them learns differently, with their own unique abilities and challenges, I’ve seen first-hand how teachers have responded accordingly. With small class sizes they are able to recognize the needs of every child by giving them individual attention."

- The Griggs Family

"There was something about St. John’s that made it feel different from other schools. My husband and I felt it when we did our first campus tour; my two older boys felt it when they had their buddy day; and my preschooler felt it on his first day of school.

St. John’s has a way of making every individual feel valued and important. As a result, my boys have a level of comfort at school that allows them to push themselves and grow. They know that they are at a place where they are loved. They can ask tough questions. They can learn from their mistakes. They can be themselves. I am forever grateful to St. John’s for providing this environment for my sons."

- The Crandall Family

"I credit our extraordinary teachers for giving my children the confidence to try new things and step out of their comfort zone. As a parent it is a wonderful thing to see.

St. John’s has provided my children with an education and opportunities that will stay with them for a lifetime. We have met some of our best and dearest friends here. To be a part of this school is to be a part of something special and we will always be proud to be a cardinal, all of us!"

- The Aase Family