Performing Arts

Performing Arts is designed to build an appreciation of the arts and includes skills needed in choral singing, music as ministry and concert etiquette. Theater skills including improvisation, pantomime, character building, analysis and public speaking are also included in the curriculum. Musical theatre helps children with reading skills, memorization skills, public speaking, music and movement, imagination and creativity, self-discipline, problem-solving, and working as a team.

Sixth Grade Performing Arts

Students in 6th Grade focus on the importance of articulation, diction, and vocal inflections while onstage in order to memorize and perform a monologue. Students contrast and compare performances in the same genre and then work towards creating a character in order to analyze their their background and intentions.

Seventh Grade Performing Arts

Students recognize and perform quarter, half, whole, eighth, sixteenth, and dotted notes and rests, while applying rhythmic knowledge and musical knowledge when viewing a score. Students also work towards demonstrating one’s knowledge of how to hold and properly ring a handbell and learn a score to perform handbell repertoires in two to three octaves. Students also discuss a variety of careers in the performing arts and researches and presents its history, relevance, and important figures.

"The benefits of early and solid education in the arts, particularly theatre arts, in producing a well-rounded, cultural society are clear – but emphasis on creativity, critical thinking and collaborative skills especially apply to all fields in the 21st century workforce."

- American Alliance for Theatre & Education


Creative Kids Playhouse Children’s Theatre of Orange County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fun theatre opportunities for children, and entertaining children’s theatre productions for the community. Students in 1st through 5th grades work with Creative Kids Playhouse to produce a variety of performing arts shows. Performances have included The Emperor's New Clothes and The Beast and His Beauty.