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Cultivating a sense of joy & belonging


Early childhood

Ages 2 - 5

In the ECC, your child will be supported by our caring faculty as they journey into the world of sharing, taking turns, listening to peers, and following instructions.

Elementary Division

Grades K-5

The Elementary Division provides a warm and nurturing environment encouraging discovery, exploration, and innovation.

Middle Division

Grades 6-8

Middle Division students exercise choice in their schedules, purposefully exposing them to enrichments and experiences beyond the core curriculum, preparing them for high school and beyond.


Sharing Our Joy


From the moment you set foot on the St. John’s campus, you see, hear, and feel the deep joy of our Cardinal community. From enthusiastic voices singing in Chapel to the looks on students’ faces in their moments of discovery through our STEAM approach to teaching and learning; St. John’s has created a recipe for a delightful school experience where every child is known.

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  • Teacher
Enrichment Classes

“Enrichment classes are one of the greatest gifts St. John’s can offer because students are going to be exposed to things that they might not naturally have a high level of interest in.”

  • Parent
Growth Mindset

“I’ve seen the integration of STEAM be significant in creating a growth mindset in my children where they’re not afraid to make mistakes and they persevere with grit.”

  • Parent

"Every single staff member has made an effort to know my children individually and make them feel special, valued, and loved."