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Covid-19 Sick and Reporting Policy

The following protocols will apply when a student or staff member shows symptoms of illness or is exposed to a Covid-19 symptomatic individual. 

In the event of illness or COVID-19 exposure, email the St. John's Health Center ( with name, date of onset of symptom, and contact number.

Symptomatic Individual Who Tests Positive:

Remain off campus for 10-days from symptom onset AND only allowed to return 72-hours after fever resolution (if present) AND improved symptoms. 

Symptomatic Individual Who Has Not Been Tested: 

Remain off campus for 10-days from symptom onset AND only allowed to return 72-hours after fever resolution (if present) AND improved symptoms. May return to school if doctor establishes an alternate diagnosis and presents a doctor’s note to confirm the presence of alternate diagnosis that explains symptoms. 

Symptomatic Individual Who Tests Negative:

Remain off-campus until fever-free for 72-hours (if fever present) AND improved symptoms. 

Asymptomatic Individual Exposed (close contact) to Symptomatic or COVID-19-Positive Individual:

Important Note: Close contact is defined as greater than 15-minutes of continuous interaction less than 6-feet away

Remain off campus for 14-days from last exposure if remaining asymptomatic. If individual becomes symptomatic, they must remain off campus until they meet criteria listed above of a symptomatic individual who tests positives or is not tested. 

A COVID-19-Positive Individual Does Not Need a Repeat COVID-19 Test or a Doctor’s Note in order to Return to Campus. They must simply satisfy the terms stated above and coordinate with the Division/Health Center for reentry to campus.

Please note: These protocols are applicable regardless of whether an individual has previously tested positive for COVID-19 or believes that they had the virus at any point previously.

This policy may evolve as additional information and guidance becomes available regarding the COVID-19 virus. 

Unless a larger outbreak necessitates city or statewide closures, the Orange County Department of Health is St. John’s partner for determining closures and for completing contact tracing. St. John’s is obliged to report to OCDH the names of any student or staff with confirmed cases. Based on state and OCDH guidelines, St. John’s will report to all families and staff the occurrence of a confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus, specifying the division in which it occurred. Students or staff deemed to have had exposure to the individual will be contacted directly by the respective division and/or Health Center and directed to follow the School’s COVID-19 policy. St. John’s will not disclose the names of any individual students or staff with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 to the school community.

Questions? Please contact Missy Blye, R.N, St. John’s School Nurse at