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LSE / On-Site Experience vs. Fully Remote Experience

Our Commitment to You:

Regardless of the mode of learning (Live Streaming Experience / On-Site Experience or Fully Remote), we are committed to providing the best for our Cardinals. Students will be in small class sizes, receive live instruction for every class, obtain live support when needed, and will remain in their clubs/ electives. 

Highlights of LSE/ On-Site Schedule: 

  • Time built into beginning of the day to allow for students to pass health screenings/get to first period (students can read/do homework before the class starts)
  • Rotating schedule 
  • 30 minute outside break 
  • Chapel, advisory, and Cardinal Community Time will be in the advisor’s room
  • 55 minute lunch and outdoor recess
  • Elective and club period at the end of the day 
  • Students participating from home through the Live Stream Experience will follow the regular schedule (including electives and clubs, where possible) and take their breaks/lunch/recess at home 
  • LSE students will be part of a “regular class” and interact with the students and teacher in real time; they will not be in a separate program containing only remote learners



Highlights of Fully Remote Schedule: 

  • Full academic schedule with live classes each period 
  • Students will be in the same class with the same students as they would be for In-Person Learning/LSE
  • Rotating schedule that follows the same order of classes as the in-person/LSE schedule
  • Core academic classes completed before lunch (based on feedback from Remote Learning surveys in the spring)
  • Electives/clubs and student support time each afternoon
  • Faculty meeting time built into the day, so teachers can collaborate and plan to best support their students in a fully remote environment





Did you miss the Zoom with your Principal?    You can find the saved recording on the Parent Gateway.