Screener: Our Wellness App

In order to expedite the wellness screening process upon arrival to campus each day, St. John’s Episcopal School has contracted with School Wellness Screener, an app available on iOS and Android systems, which will allow students and families, as well as faculty and staff, to pre-screen for COVID-19 symptoms each day.   
Every student, faculty, and staff member will be required to complete the daily wellness screening via this app in order to pass through our daily wellness checkpoints upon arrival to campus. Upon completion of a short screening survey on a parent’s iOS or Android device, the app will provide each student with a personalized QR code that will be scanned upon entry.  The app allows for multiple students per family, so that a single device per family may be scanned at drop-off.  Students do not need to have a personal device, nor are those devices allowed to be used during the school day.  We expect that most families will have this app on the parent/guardian’s phone at drop off either at our front entry or in the back carpool. 

Please see the information below to download and register for the app on your respective devices: 

  1. Download the School Wellness Screener app here.   

  1. Enter the St. John’s School ID:  stjohnsepiscopalschool-0150 

  1. Complete login information for your each of your respective SJES students 

  1. Questions?  Contact Suzy Hardy or visit the School Wellness Screener Help Page

Upon completion of sign-up, you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password.  To sign-in, open the app, scroll to the bottom, and logon.