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To better prepare our students for the ever-changing demands of the world, St. John’s adopted a STEAM approach to education.

At a time when other schools were only concentrating on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), the integration of the A added an influence of arts and humanities by introducing a human element to create a well-rounded learning experience for our students. St. John’s integration of STEAM across content areas is a framework, not a curriculum, that builds on and enhances the strengths already embedded within our rigorous pedagogy.

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Under the framework of STEAM, our curriculum is built on an ideal balance of tradition and innovation.

Our teachers work collaboratively to provide engaging curriculum designed to develop creative thinkers. Key concepts taught in the classroom are extended within our Enrichment Programs. When students are engaged in an area of study from multiple disciplines, the depth of traditional curricula heightens overall academic performance, maximizes intellectual development, and improves learning outcomes. This engagement in content from multiple disciplines allows for dynamic classroom environments that encourage our Cardinals to be curious learners, resourceful when working through failures, and reflective problem solvers.

A STEAM framework isn’t just a focus on the five distinct letters; it also incapsulates the respectful side of human connectedness and provides a safe place for exploration of creativity. It helps foster a caring environment where critical thinking is encouraged along with being resilient. The implementation of the Arts helps to stimulate innovation. As our students prepare to leave the Cardinal Nest, they have the confidence to see what might be instead of what’s always been.

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