The First Independent STEAM School in Orange County, CA
Serving Early Childhood to 8th Grade

Early Childhood Welcome

We are delighted you are considering St. John’s for the early education experience of your child! We are proud to be accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) earning the finest rating obtainable. We maintain the highest standards set for Early Childhood programs in meeting your child’s unique developmental needs. Our student to teacher ratios are smaller than state requirements, allowing us to give your children the valuable adult time, care, and attention you want for them.

We have programs serving children beginning at 8 weeks of age through Junior Kindergarten. Your child’s social-emotional well-being is the primary focus of our program while providing a valuable skill based curriculum which lays an important foundation for your child’s success during their future school years at St. John’s. What sets St. John’s apart from other programs is our innovative and creative approach to learning through a STEAM framework which will stimulate your child’s creativity, help them develop problem-solving skills, and nurture teamwork with peers. We are proud to include several enrichment classes taught by specialists in their field. These enrichment classes include Chapel, Library, Music Together, Fitness Fun, and STEAM Explorations.

Our outstanding teachers, combined with STEAM guided curriculum, enrichment classes, and fresh, daily explorations, provide a balanced program to meet your child’s social-emotional, cognitive, physical, and academic success. These early experiences build a foundation as our students grow to become learners and innovators in their world.

There is much more to share, so I invite you to come and visit us. I look forward to meeting you!


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Patty Stoecker
Early Childhood Division Principal

Patty Stoecker

Patty Stoecker