The First Independent STEAM School in Orange County, CA
Serving Early Childhood to 8th Grade

Elementary Division

The Elementary Division follows a sequential and integrated curriculum from Kindergarten through 5th Grade, based on a continuum of learning from grade to grade. Learning basic skills and problem-solving strategies is an important aspect of the child’s total development. Student projects, presentations, and project-based activities foster the creative and expressive talents of each student, while encouraging active learning. St. John’s administration and staff believe each child is a unique person with his or her own individual personality and learning style. The curriculum is responsive to likenesses, as well as differences, that occur within the student population.

We have adopted a multi-sensory approach to education which appeals to the many learning modes that are inherent in each child.

We strive to set realistic curriculum goals based on regular assessment of individual needs, strengths, and interests.

St. John’s STEAM approach to learning fosters collaboration, creativity, and discovery. Critical thinking skills are developed within the framework of an organized, intellectual program.

Before students can make significant academic progress, we believe a teacher must help them to develop an enthusiastic attitude toward learning and build the confidence and responsibility necessary for success. We feel that students’ positive attitudes are best promoted by:

  • Creating a warm, caring environment
  • Offering motivating and meaningful activities
  • Maintaining high, yet attainable, expectations
  • Using positive reinforcement so that all students will reach their potential
  • Involving parents in a major role in their children’s education

The environment must be structured in a way that promotes self-esteem and an interest in learning. We believe that each student’s attitude is the foundation for their future academic success.


STEAM classes at St.John's Episcopal School
students in the classroom


Monica Barnum

Monica Barnum

Elementary Division Principal