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Middle Division

The "middle years" are a time of great physical, emotional, cognitive, and social change for adolescents. During this critical period, our “tweens” and early teens will start to answer the eternal questions, "Who am I?" and "What should I do?" At St. John's, we are privileged to partner with parents in helping guide our students to answer these questions for themselves. While we know that too much structure can be stifling, not enough can be overwhelming and counterproductive. We provide a challenging, but nurturing and inclusive Christian environment in which all students can safely explore different interests and learn how to pursue lives of service and purpose. As a STEAM school, we continuously strive to create an environment in which each child is encouraged to create, persevere, and have fun. Consequently, our students think critically, are strong collaborators, excellent communicators, and feel empathy.

This year, we implemented an advisory program that builds on the close personal attention that our students already receive. In small groups that meet three times a week, advisors will provide an additional level of support to nurture their advisees’ academic, social, and emotional progress during the school year.


middle school students
middle school band at St. John's Episcopal School


James Jordan

James Jordan

Assoc. HOS for Innovation/Middle Div. Principal