The First Independent STEAM School in Orange County, CA
Serving Early Childhood to 8th Grade

Why St. John's - Family Testimonials

Abdi family

"After our initial visit we knew we had found the right school for our son. The spirit of the campus, the looks on the students’ faces, and the enthusiasm of the staff made our choice that much easier. It was a decision that exceeded our expectations.

Every morning as we walk in to school we are greeted by the faculty with a smile. The passion of the teachers are reflected by the students and there is not a day when my son doesn’t share something new and exciting with us about his day at school."

- The Abdi Family




Crandall family"There was something about St. John’s that made it feel different from other schools. My husband and I felt it when we did our first campus tour; my two older boys felt it when they had their buddy day; and my preschooler felt it on his first day of school.

St. John’s has a way of making every individual feel valued and important. As a result, my boys have a level of comfort at school that allows them to push themselves and grow. They know that they are at a place where they are loved. They can ask tough questions. They can learn from their mistakes. They can be themselves. I am forever grateful to St. John’s for providing this environment for my sons."

- The Crandall Family

Mendoza family"In our 10 years as St. John’s parents we have found that there are no better teachers than those here at St. John’s. They work tirelessly to help our kids achieve and become the very best they can be. The teachers are excellent at staying in close contact with parents, letting them know how their student is doing.

Once, after hearing that our whole family was home sick with the flu, one teacher knocked on our door after school and delivered chicken soup and ice cream to help us feel better."

- The Mendoza Family