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A St. John's education is a valuable investment in your child's future. You want the best for your child and the education at St. John's will prepare your child for success in high school and beyond. With access to highly trained teachers, state of the art facilities, and a well-rounded STEAM education, students at St. John's are exposed to some of the most innovative educational experiences in Orange County. 

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St. John's Graduates Tell Us:

They feel more prepared for high school than their peers from other schools. 

They are confident in approaching their teacher about a grade or assignment. 

They are confident helping a peer with a difficult situation. 

They are comfortable navigating technology and online curricula. 

They are comfortable managing their homework and extracurricular activities. 

Memories of SJES

Learn more about our STEAM Education and Episcopal Identity.

While not limited to this list, our graduates often matriculate to the following high schools: