The Art World Recognizes St. John's Students
Posted 01/28/2013 11:53AM

The Art Enrichment Program at St. John’s fuels the individual interest and talents of our Elementary and Middle School students through the Studio Art and Art Masters programs. St. John’s students acquire extensive exposure to art history, materials and technique to discover their own creative talents. The devotion of Elementary and Middle School Studio Art teacher Mrs. Gina L’amour extends beyond the classroom walls as she strives to promote the artistic achievements of her students and honor their work in the greater artistic community. Already this year Mrs. L'amour and St. John's students are making an impact on the art scene.


Sixth grader Ashley Kao was the first place winner in the 6th-8th Grade category at the "Celebrating Family and Friends" New Year’s Eve event and art exhibition presented by the City of Rancho Santa Margarita and Applied Medical. Rancho Santa Margarita Mayor L. Anthony Beall will personally present Ashley with her prestigious award at City Hall on January 23, 2013.



Amongst thousands of entries from K-12 students in the United States and Canada, an astounding forty-one St. John’s students have had their artwork selected to be published in a full-color hard bound book titled “Celebrating Art.” The art selected for this publication is considered the top 25% of entries with the top ten students in each grade level category going on to win cash prizes from Celebrating 

Congratulations to all of the young artists here at St. John's!

Kindergarten: Hudson Aase, Mason Hawker, Eliana Rougas, Ava Scharf, Penny Williams

1st Grade: Kaitlyn Wong, Isabella Rougas

2nd Grade: Lily Claton, Alyssa Gardarian, Alex Haydt, Michael Salvanera, Derek Smith, Olivia Sullivan, Cannon Thiessen, Kendall Wallin

3rd Grade: Nicolette Borgas, Vicki Burch, Victoria Hogan, Ryan Marshall, Reyna Sakakine

4thGrade: Ryan Azary, Molly Doyle, Connor Dunn, Kaylin Kim, Anjali Madesetti, Kai Pellerin, Luke Meng

5th Grade: Corinne O’Toole, Arman Ramezani, Emily Salvanera, Matthew Trueman

6th Grade: Amir Aryarad, Aubrey Davenport, Ashley Kao, Ian Kotez, Alex Lansing, Nick Leavell, Cody Stokes

7th Grade: Elizabeth Bradley, Quentin Buchman, Kuulei Jung, Sidney Ruiz