The First Independent STEAM School in Orange County, CA
Serving Early Childhood to 8th Grade

Episcopal Identity

St. John’s is a place where we live a generous faith in a beloved community; where we experience joy, we pursue reason and wonder, and where we have hope for the human race.


Episcopal Schools are known for being a pluralistic community.  We recognize and respect people of any, all, or no faith practice.  At St. John’s we encourage our staff and students alike to respect one another always.


Practicing genuine kindness within a diverse community widens our vision of what a just society can look like; it invites us to welcome and make room for one another and our differences.  We discover wonderful things about humankind through diversity and it is essential to our humanity.  Different is not wrong… it’s just different and it enriches who we are and it makes us better humans.


Relationships are central in an Episcopal school, and the way we teach honors our students as beloved children of God.  We believe that students thrive when they feel known, loved, and respected and who are part of something larger than themselves.


Nurturing the life of the mind is an important feature of our faith.  We have a high view of reason, but reason is not incompatible with doubt and wonder.  At St. John’s we encourage creative thinking, imaginative solutions, and asking questions.


As an Episcopal school, we educate and encourage students to live ethical lives in a world that needs healing and in a world where we need one another. In the language of our tradition, humans are called to be co-creators with God, restoring what is damaged, and renewing what is good.  This begins with building right relationships with our neighbors, whether they are on our campus or across the world.

These statements align in perfect partnership with our Cardinal Character traits of building balanced learners who are Caring, Confident, Curious, Collaborative, Resilient, Reflective, Respectful, and Resourceful.

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