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Program: Growth Mindset

We all know that we learn and perform best when we are confident. At St. John’s we strive deliberately to foster a Growth Mindset in every student by helping them develop resilience and the conviction that dedication results in achievement. We know that we have been successful when all students are confident that their hard work will make them powerful learners.

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Faith & Character

Every aspect of a student’s experience at St. John’s is informed by the School’s Episcopal heritage. The Episcopal Church equally values Scripture, Tradition, and Reason, often referred to as the Three Legged Stool. Central to the application of Episcopal Identity at St. John’s is the conviction that we are all beloved children of God, and thus our School welcomes families from all backgrounds and faith traditions and accords every student dignity and respect. 

Explore our Divisions

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The Early Childhood Division

Your child will be supported by our caring faculty as they journey into the world of sharing, taking turns, listening to peers, and following instructions.

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The Elementary Division

The Elementary Division provides a warm and nurturing environment encouraging discovery, exploration, and innovation.

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The Middle Division

Students exercise choice in their schedules, purposefully exposing them to enrichments and experiences beyond the core curriculum, preparing them for high school and beyond.

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