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Arts are integral to STEAM education. The arts provide the human meaning and aesthetic dimension for solutions to the practical problems that St. John’s students design in their STEAM projects. No education is complete without the opportunity for all students to explore and develop their deepest creative expression.


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Early Childhood Music

Students begin to explore melody and rhythm through simple songs, rhythmic chants, instrument play, and movement activities. Classes feature instrumental "play-alongs" using a variety of percussion instruments, and students are encouraged to use their voices to speak, chant, and sing. Physical movement to music is emphasized as students use body percussion to develop awareness of beat and tempo.

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Elementary Music

Students explore elementary music through basic instrument, vocal, and movement activities, as they learn to express thoughts, feelings, and emotional energy through music. Classes include opportunities to explore different instruments, and students are encouraged to explore different colors of their voice as they sing and chant. Students are given the opportunity to analyze and respond to music from a variety of diverse cultures, genres, and historical periods. Performance opportunities during yearly Christmas and Spring concerts help to hone performance skills and build self-confidence as students collaborate as an ensemble to achieve shared musical goals.

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Middle Division Band

The Middle Division beginning band program promotes musical literacy, as students hone their technique on their instruments, and learn about key musical terms and symbols. A variety of genres and multicultural styles of music are explored, ranging from classical to contemporary. All students are provided with ample opportunities to develop their performance skills, including Christmas and Spring concert performances.

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Middle Division Choir

The St. John’s Middle Division choir program expands upon the foundations of music literacy and vocal technique that were developed during students' elementary education. Students sing a wide variety of vocal repertoire; ranging from early classical pieces to popular standards and everything in between. A strong emphasis is placed on healthy vocal production, proper breathing, and performance skills. Students also learn sight-singing techniques, how to read music, and are given the opportunity to sing in several different languages.

As the year progresses, students become increasingly familiar with music symbols, terms, and vocabulary. They also participate in the Middle Division Christmas and spring concerts as well and have opportunities to perform at other special events for both St. John’s church and school.

Performing Arts

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Elementary Division Drama

SJES partners with Creative Kids Playhouse to put on the Elementary Play Production. All Elementary students are welcomed to audition. This production takes place in the fall and everyone who enrolls gets a speaking part. 

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Middle Division Drama

Middle Division students are encouraged to participate in a Spring Musical that is directed by Mr. Tiatia-Garaud and choreographed by Ms. Stebbins. Rehearsals begin in January with performances usually in April. In the past, performances have included the Junior versions of: Lion KingAladdin, and Matilda.


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Middle Division Dance

The St. John’s Dance Program introduces students to a variety of beginner/intermediate dance techniques including hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, ballet, and social dance. Basic dance vocabulary, performance skills, choreography, improvisation, dance history, and performance appreciation skills are introduced. Students will perform choreographed routines at the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Dance promotes the journey of self-expression, confidence, and individuality.  

Visual Arts

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Elementary Division Visual Art

Visual Arts is a creative and exciting element of the elementary curriculum as students learn about organic and geometric shapes and contrasts. Students develop creative skills and form aesthetic judgments in our visual arts program. They participate in projects which involve the essential elements and principles of art through a variety of techniques and projects. Projects in Kindergarten through 5th grade vary in sophistication and an emphasis of cross-curricular work.

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Middle Division Visual Art

The Middle Division curriculum refines students’ skill in drawing and painting. Classes encourage creative expression, while addressing the historical and cultural context of art history. Students learn to describe how balance is effectively used in a work of art; differentiate between symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial balance; create increasingly complex original works of art reflecting personal choices and increased technical skills.

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