Classroom Happenings

The St. John's Elementary and Middle Division are part of the WE School Campaign. This educational program challenges young people to lead with the conviction that together they can transform lives locally and globally. Student Council and PALS lead this initiative through our Community Service Programs, such as NEGU, Isaiah House, "Change for Change", RSM Food Pantry, Students for Safe Water, and many more. By acting on local and global issues, students develop leadership skills needed to succeed academically, in the workplace and as active citizens.

On April 19th our Student Council and PALS went to the "fabulous" Forum in Los Angeles to attend WE Day. Students were invited to celebrate their contributions and their efforts to "make a difference." They heard testimonials and speeches from world-renowned speakers and were entertained by A-list performers.

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Third Grade students have been using their inventive creativity as they begin designing their product prototype for the Third Grade Business Fair in May. Students have been learning all about businesses in their community and are now preparing to make their own business revolving around a product that they feel would be in high demand. They will even make a commercial in the Production Studio to show at the Business Fair! It has been exciting to see the students let their creativity shine!

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PE class is full of exciting new things as we wind down the year! After break, we began our new striking unit. During this unit, students will be learning and participating in skills and activities used for paddle, bat, and racquet games. Kindergarten - 1st grade are focusing on the proper way to hold a racquet and basic techniques of a forehand strike, while 2nd - 4th graders are focusing on the forehand strike for power and accuracy at a variety of targets. Concentrating on their striking skill first will help them be successful in sports like baseball, softball, tennis, badminton, and golf.

We will then begin to prepare for our Cardinal Field Day that is coming up in May! We will practice and get familiar with all the events that will take place that day. We will close the year with a small Olympic Unit, incorporating all the skills they used throughout the year in various small sided games.Go Cardinals!

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Spring is upon us and Mrs. Townsend's preschool class is learning about new life. The children are studying the life cycle of a butterfly. They have been observing them everyday to see the changes that are taking place. In about two weeks, they will be able to see the complete transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

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We began the third semester in Medical Detectives class with an investigation of how space travel and living in space may affect the Human Body. This unit was linked with our STEAM rocket project. We were extremely lucky to have all the new information gathered by NASA on the Kelly brothers. It turns out, that space has caused altered DNA enough to make the Kelly Twins DNA differ by as much as 9%! We then began an in-depth study of DNA. The students extracted their own DNA and created DNA necklaces. Our classes are now beginning a unit called "Murder Mystery. It is the culminating activity for the course. The students are learning about crime scene investigations by going though online CSI training. They are learning about gathering, processing and evaluation evidence. Then, they will do a virtual autopsy and run a DNA electrophoresis to identify suspects in a murder investigation!

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