Classroom Happenings

The St. John's middle division dance students are currently exploring and learning choreography from different styles of dance that come from places all around the world. Sixth grade is learning bollywood and traditional dances from India. Seventh and eighth grade are learning how to salsa and other popular dances coming from Latin American countries. All of the dance students are learning various fun African dance moves, such as shoki and azonto. One of the many highlights from this multicultural focus in dance has been the 7th and 8th graders working together to dance in pairs to showcase some of the "ballroom style" dance moves that are popular in Latin American countries. It has been a joy to witness them working hard to master choreography together while having fun!

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In Technology class, 4th graders worked in a small group and explored Google Maps to find a location for their 22nd mission. They had several parameters to work with in finding a location: near a water source, flat land, 20-25 miles from San Francisco Solano Mission, etc. In Google Maps, they learned to read the key to know how to determine distances. They also learned to navigate the map to find different locations, including toggling between satellite and map view. In addition, students used a web browser to research what Indian tribes lived nearby, the closest town, and the river/lake near the location they chose.

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To help celebrate the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year, we enjoyed learning about customs and traditions from a parent in our class. Elizabeth's mom, Kristy, showed the children how to use chop sticks and shared a video of Chinese children celebrating. The children were each given a red envelope containing a new one dollar bill, which is good luck. They then learned how to say thank you in Chinese and practiced as each envelope was received. We sampled fortune cookies and decorated paper lanterns as our art project. The STEAM challenge was for the children to use wooden blocks to build our version of "The Great Wall of China." Although our wall wasn't 3,915 miles long like the actual wall, it ran the length of our entire room and was 396 inches long! Our engineers did a great job and had fun working together.

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We celebrated Spring Festival together at the school gym on Tuesday, February 13th! Middle Division Mandarin class students performed the song "Happy New Year". International students shared more about Spring Festival and Chinese culture through a PowerPoint and by wearing traditional Chinese clothing. We also enjoyed 7th Grade student Jason Tang's wonderful Yangqin performance.

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This month in PE class, we have been focusing on our healthy hearts.We have been learning that the heart is a muscle that grows stronger with physical activity. We now know what cardio respiratory endurance is and can recognize the basic body cues for moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. We are continuously learning different ways to keep our heart healthy!

Starting in March, we will be partnering with the Anaheim Ducks S.C.O.R.E. program. First through 4th grade students will participate in a 10-day street hockey program where they will learn the fundamentals of hockey including stick handling, shooting, passing and sportsmanship. The 4th grade students will then have a chance to compete in the 11th annual S.C.O.R.E. Shootout Tournament against other 4th grade students from over 25 local schools at Honda Center on April 28, 2018. We are excited to get this opportunity to partner with the Ducks and share it with the St. John's family!

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