As an independent STEAM school, St. John’s has the ability to respond to evolving library trends. Forward thinking, we are creating a dynamic 21st century library that cultivates our children’s love for reading, enhances classroom curriculum, supports STEAM, and serves as a technology hub for electronic and digital resources. This includes creating collaborative work environments that stimulate creative thinking and facilitate entry into the infinite world of global research through comprehensive online platforms.

The St. John’s Library is a welcoming place for all ages of our students. Whether it is our youngest readers cozying up with their favorite picture books, our elementary students learning search fundamentals, or our Middle Division students engaging in detailed research projects, the St. John’s Library meets the literacy needs of children from toddler through early teenage years. A particular area of renewed focus is high school preparedness and ensuring our Middle Division students are ahead of the curve as they transition to more complex research and sourcing requirements.

The library delivers Common Sense Education’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum, which includes interactive, up-to-date lessons designed to empower students of all ages to think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly in our digital world.

We are excited about the advancements occurring in our Library. We invite you to take a closer look.