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Congratulations Class of 2020

A Special Dedication Announcement for the Class of 2020

As a special recognition of the perseverance and character of the Class of 2020, St. John’s is proud to dedicate Middle Division Room 20 in this group’s honor.  We eagerly look forward to welcoming this entire group back to the Class of 2020 Classroom and all of our learning spaces in the near future!


"Class of 2020, you have long anticipated this day, some with eagerness, some with anxiety, some with a complicated mix of emotions—but whatever you are feeling, wherever and whenever you are watching this, you deserve to hold a keen sense of pride. You should be proud of the effort you have put forth, proud of the way you have led our school this year, and proud that you will leave a positive and lasting legacy for others to follow."

- Dr. Jordan, Associate Head of School for Innovation and Middle Division Principal


Analisa Applebaum

Sam Asadi

Blake Baird

Carson Cervantes

London Cortinas

Mark Cyr

John Dawson

Siyu Serene Duan

Jack Engle

Aaron Fang

Benjamin Farinella

Ava Gallagher

Emma Gomez

Avery Groves

Carlyle Grumet

Parker Herbert

Ruizhi Ray Hu

Miruna Ispas

Brinkley Jankanish

Estelle Jarrells

Adam Ketchum

Zachary Kim

Natalie Lowenthal

Jessica Simrell

Kayla Mattson

Shawna McMahon

Jonathan Naulls

Samantha Perry

Zoe Reynolds

Isabella Riemann

Victoria Riemann

Austin Sanders

Ty Schwartz

Leyang Mary Song

Athena Streit

Jiaqi Jason Tang

Sirui Sirius Tao

John Teitelman

William Terry

Ziren Wang

Cooper West

Kaitlyn Wong

Kunran Max Yao

Sitong Patrick Yu

Jiheng Jason Yuan

Kayla Zandi

Shiyi Liana Zhou