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Cardinal Fund

Like most private, independent schools, St. John’s relies on annual tax deductible gifts, in addition to tuition, to provide the School with its Margin of Excellence. The Cardinal Fund will support faculty salaries, including highly qualified teachers and program specialists, the arts and athletics programs, service learning initiatives, and co-curricular activities. Proceeds from the Cardinal Fund will also give St. John’s the flexibility to respond to new initiatives or programs that would not be possible through tuition revenue alone. Simply put, the Cardinal Fund allows St. John’s to provide our students with extraordinary opportunities for learning.

Cardinal Fund Fast Facts

The Cardinal Fund provides us our Margin of Excellence.

Funds raised through the Cardinal Fund help St. John’s provide extraordinary opportunities for learning by giving us the flexibility to respond to new initiatives and programs that would not be possible for tuition revenue alone.All funds are applied to the current fiscal year and directly support our teachers and students through professional development, field studies, technology, and more.

Participation is important.

Foundations and corporate giving programs are more likely to support the School with grant funding if parent participation is high. Last year our parent participation was just under 50% — most independent schools of our size average 90-100% participation. We can do more!

Independent schools depend on Annual Giving.

Unlike public or even Catholic parish schools, we are an independent school that receives no financial assistance apart from tuition. St. John’s tuition levels are at or below other independent schools, both locally and state-wide. The Annual Fund makes it possible to keep tuition increases in check while still advancing the educational program each year.

Pledges are gifts too.

A pledge is a commitment to contribute a specific amount in the future (anytime between now and June 30, 2018). Pledges count as participation (so you won’t get any more CF solicitations!) and they help give the School a clear picture of the Cardinal Fund earlier in the year. Pledges can be for one-time gifts, or contributions to be paid monthly – whichever better suits your family’s financial situation. A gift paid in installments can ease the financial strain of a one-time donation and afford the donor the opportunity to make a larger contribution over time.

St. John's faculty and staff are 100% committed!

Every St. John’s employee has made a gift or pledge to the Cardinal Fund. They are committed to the success of the School and our students. Join them!!

Giving online is easy.

Visit our Give Online page to make a contribution or pledge.

See more frequently asked questions about giving to St. John's.

Parent gifts, plus gifts from faculty, staff, grandparents, alumni, and other friends, help to ensure an exceptional educational experience for all students.