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St. John’s Episcopal School is thrilled to announce plans to design and build a new state-of-the-art learning commons. Extensive research has shown that school libraries are experiencing a paradigm shift. They are no longer quiet spaces where books are the primary focus. Libraries are transforming into colorful, open, airy, communal environments that stimulate creative thinking, engage tactile learning, and facilitate entry to the infinite world of digital research and reading. As an independent STEAM school, St. John’s is uniquely positioned to capitalize on current library trends.

Currently, the design phase of the project is underway. A team of librarians, faculty, administrators, parent volunteers and designers are working diligently to design and build a space that allows for interaction, collaboration, and study for the Early Childhood Division through 8th grade. The Bishop John Harvey Taylor Learning Commons will offer cozy and inviting reading nooks built into the walls and a fun story area with risers for our younger students. A large instructional space for 20 students will have flexible furniture that can be reconfigured within moments to facilitate group projects and respond dynamically to teacher needs. There will be a small collaboration room for group work or quiet independent work. There will be a larger quiet room that will have the flexibility to be opened up into another large instructional space. The instructional spaces and collaboration rooms will be equipped with SMART boards. Students will have access to a full classroom set of iPads and laptops for use within the library.

One of the most exciting and unique aspects of the learning commons project is the outdoor instructional space that will be created within the existing courtyard. Full classroom capability with a SMART board will give teachers the option of conducting lessons outside. Relaxing reading areas will also be incorporated into the outdoor space along with a firepit, to honor the Father Sillers tradition of incorporating a fireplace into every library.

Our fundraising was kicked off in 2018 at Cardinella on March 3rd through our Parent Gift. Funds raised by our Parent Gift will go to the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment of the Library. A capital campaign is also underway to raise the necessary funds for construction of the project. Our goal is to open our new Learning Commons for the 2018/19 school year. We will need to complete capital fundraising by May 1 to begin construction this summer. Please help us complete funding through a donation by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

The new Bishop John Harvey Taylor Learning Commons at St. John’s will be inspiring children and cultivating deep thinkers for many years. Thank you for your generosity.

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Learning Commons Naming Opportunities

Courtyard: $75,000

Collaboration/Quiet Room: $50,000

Collaboration Room/Reading Room: $25,000

Reading Corner: $25,000

Volunteer Desk: $10,000

Reading Cubbies: $10,000

Fire Pit: $5,000

Tree in Courtyard: $5,000