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SJES Community Fund

No matter the circumstances, one constant in the St. John's community remains true: St. John’s is a tightly-knit family. The St. John’s community has always supported one another in times of need, and the spirit of generosity and support is a key characteristic of the Cardinal family.  

While we as a School are holding strong, we understand the same may not be the case for all of our families. Businesses have slowed or shuttered, jobs have been cut or furloughed, and we understand that the economic impact of this pandemic is unsettling for many of our Cardinal families.

To assist members of the St. John’s community who are experiencing an economic hardship due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, St. John’s is immediately launching the SJES Community Relief Fund. Tax-deductible donations to the SJES Community Relief Fund will be used to provide short-term, financial assistance to families with an unexpected, verified financial need as a result of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Donate to the SJES Community Relief Fund

Funds raised will be designated to the School’s need-based Financial Aid budget, and families seeking to apply for need-based financial aid as a result of the pandemic will be required to undergo the same process as currently utilized for all need-based financial aid requests. Understandably, many individuals and families may not be in a position to make charitable gifts at this time. Other SJES community members, however, have already reached out to share that they are ready to help. With a spirit of love and genuine care for all members of our St. John’s community, we’re encouraging anyone willing to donate to the SJES Community Fund in order to keep our beloved St. John’s family whole during this time.  

Please contact the SJES Office of Advancement with any questions.

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Donate to the SJES Community Relief Fund

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