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Why Give?

St. John's Episcopal School, like most independent schools, depends upon the generosity of parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends for financial support. Gifts through our two major fundraisers, the Cardinal Fund and Cardinella, St. John’s Annual Benefit, allow the School to provide our student’s with extraordinary opportunities for learning.

Your gift is a vital source of funding for important St. John’s programs. It allows us to maintain the School's Margin of Excellence, supporting the very things that make St. John's unique and a special place for our students. Cardinal Fund contributions can also help keep tuition increases lower and provide a tax-deductible way to support St. John’s.

Support comes in many forms. Whether you are able to make a generous cash gift, donate an item for Cardinella, or give your time on a fundraising committee, your contribution is sincerely appreciated.

Donate to the Cardinal Fund

Why should I give to the Cardinal Fund?

Your gift is a vital source of funding for important St. John’s programs. The Cardinal Fund will support faculty salaries, including highly qualified teachers and program specialists, the arts and athletics programs, service learning initiatives, and co-curricular activities. Proceeds from the Cardinal Fund will also give St. John’s the flexibility to respond to new initiatives or programs that would not be possible through tuition revenue alone. The Cardinal Fund can also help keep tuition increases lower and provide a tax-deductible way to support St. John’s.

Your gift is tax deductible!

This is a wonderful opportunity to involve your children and discuss the importance of philanthropy.

Rise to the challenge set forth by our dedicated faculty and staff. 100% of St. John’s employees have contributed to the Cardinal Fund to show their support and commitment to St. John's. Join them!

Why does St. John's ask for more money in addition to tuition?

Tuition alone only covers roughly 90% of the cost of a St. John's education. St. John's is an independent, nonprofit organization and it receives no outside funding from government or parish sources. While the School is associated with the Church, the two are separate financial entities and funds are not co-mingled. This means that 10% of the school budget must be made up each year through fundraising activities such as Cardinal Fund and Cardinella, St. John’s Annual Benefit.

If tuition does not cover expenses, why not raise tuition?

St. John's strives to keep tuition at a manageable level for a wide range of families. By increasing fundraising efforts rather than imposing large tuition increases, St. John's is able to not only maintain, but continually enhance, the high level of education offered, while keeping tuition increases moderate. Contributions made to the school above and beyond tuition are considered donations, and therefore offer parents the additional benefit of a tax deduction.

How much should I give?

Gifts range from $25 to $25,000, however, our average family gift last year was roughly $1,500. Many families will choose to support the Cardinal Fund at a level above or below this amount; only you can decide what level of support is right for your family. A good rule of thumb is to give enough that you care how the funds are spent. Please remember that your contribution, at whatever level you choose, is a meaningful investment, the returns of which directly benefit your child and the entire St. John's community. Gifts to the Cardinal Fund are the most efficient way to donate money to the School, in other words, more of your dollars are going directly to your children!

Why should I make my gift now?

Gifts to the Cardinal Fund are always beneficial to the School, however gifts and pledges earlier in the year are especially helpful because they can be used to help budget for the current School year. The more funds we receive early in the year, the less strain on the budget, which may result in a smaller tuition increase for the following year.

What are my giving options?

Contributions can be structured in a variety of ways. You can make a one-time gift toward the campaign, pledge an amount to be paid before the end of the year, or set up a recurring gift to be paid on a monthly basis to allow you to spread your financial commitment over time. See Ways to Give for more information.